Monday, 26 April 2010

What kind of geek are you?

Anyone who is not a geek for something is boring, so keep that in mind and find something worth geeking about." Colin Wright   (In 'How to be Remarkable' a free e-book that I heartily recommend - he is remarkable, so it's from the horse's mouth, as they say!)

"Geek' has become a derogatory word for many of my generation, implying a young person who wastes their life on dead-end techno games and and other pastimes such as Warhammer  or LARPing.  I'm with Colin on this one - just because someone's geekery may not be yours doesn't mean it has no value, if you reject their geekery, you are demonstrating (a) you have a closed mind and (b) you are afraid of life! 

If you haven't a clue about someone's geek subject, this is a great opportunity to learn.  5 years ago, my son was working for Games Workshop, running big events for them, I really didn't understand  what it was all about, and thought it was a dead-end job that was all about an escapist pastime, and was worried that it would disable his ability to make a good life for himself 'in the real world' - poor, unimaginative woman!  I care enough about my son that I decided to take part in this table-top wargaming hobby, to find out what it was all about (know your enemy!)

Well. am I glad I did!  I never got very far, to do it well would have required a level of time and commitment I simply didn't/don't have, but I discovered that there is much to learn about strategy, tactics, psychology, sociology, bonding, art, hand-&-eye co-ordination, creative thinking  . . . . a long list of skills, from these guys (and girls!) and their hobby.  I met some lovely people (alot less judgemental than many of my own generation!) who are still adding much joy to my life, and learnt to question my own assumptions at every turn. 

There's also an old saying that if you're bored, you're probably boring!  This experience certainly proved the truth of that to me - these young people (mostly) rarely complained of boredom, there were models to make & paint, if they had no one to actually game with, magazines, events (massive ones, the kind of organisational skills my son acquired still blow me away!) art work to create and admire . . . . . always something to keep the mind active and enthused, and a fine opportunity for those who are socially isolated, in any way, to make friends and develop social skills. 

Geeks? They're wonderful!   Being a geek is about being excited and passionate about life, and I'm an unashamed geek, though my passion isn't for Warhammer 40,000, great though it is!  My passion is about the quality of life, rather than the standard of living, my passion is  about acquiring and sharing skills and knowledge, my passion is about doing all I can to empower everyone I come into contact with to be the most they can be - to be glorious GEEKS! (Oh yes, and I'm also passionate about knitting and 'artist' bears and , and, and . . . . . loads more!)

What kind of geek are you?  If you're not a geek, why not?

You can follow Colin on Twitter , he is @colinismyname, and he points you in the direction of excellent reading!

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colinwright said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Michele :)

Glad to know that you got something from my ebooks, and that you gave Warhammer 40k a shot! I used to play it back in the day, and really enjoyed it, too!

Bealers said...

I've often thought that most people are geeks in some way but that modern-day Geeks (as in the IT sense) have a less socially acceptable focus.

Actually most geeks I know - and I'm putting myself firmly in the IT geek camp here - are quite proud of their geek status so I don't think it has the stigma (to the recipients of the term at least) than it used to.

Anyway, I agree that a lot of people are geeks in the sense that they have a particular focus or direction. How many football fans show geek tendencies? Bird watchers? Gardeners? Foodies? etc, etc.

floreta said...

ohh you know about colin! that's awesome :)

i like how you approach this. know thy enemy.. how can you have a bad (or good!) opinion on something when you don't even know anything about it? great dive into the subculture to appreciate it! thanks for commenting on my blog.

Moomin said...

Sorry to be so long in responding to your comments - I'm not used to getting them! Hope that will change ;o)
@Colinwright I continue to get LOTS from your blog & ebooks! Thank you.

@Bealers I think the point I was trying to make is that 'geek' should actually be seen as a compliment! We should all be proud geeks.

@floreta How can we possibly deal effectively with what we don't understand? The more we make the effort to get a handle on, the less we are at risk from 'curved balls' and the more chances for joy there are ;)