Friday, 18 February 2011


Blogging is a funny thing, if you're not a professional writer, that is.  If you're a *Writer*, you have to write, and find things to write about, but if you're a dabbler, like me, you wait till a thought grows into something you want to share, and that hasn't happened to me in ages!  "Probably just as well" I hear you mutter.  However, my sharing tends to be more through what I make, than in words, so I thought i might share some of those.

I knit, not standard jumpers and so on, but more entertaining, somewhat less useful things, like teddy bears, necklaces and handbags - granted, the last can be quite vital, but mine are rather more the self indulgent kind!

I used to make collectors' mohair fabric bears, until a combination of arthritis in my hands & RSI stopped me. Now I knit them - I originally intended to make proper children's cuddly toys - but the soft-sculptor in me took over! Now I make more complex bears, to comfort the inner child in any adult.

My necklaces are knitted from embroidery silk, and have the advantage of being washable - many women have sensitive skins, and cannot wear metal next to the skin, so these offer an alternative.

My handbags are knitted from traditional wool, and shrunken to felt in a washing machine - this gives them more 'body' than knitting usually has.  I line them with fabrics salvaged from charity shop garments, giving the material a whole new life!

You can see more at my Folksy shop.